About Us

Norwegian BioArt Arena, NOBA, is a project by Vitenparken Ås. We are the first permanent arena for BioArt in Norway. NOBA combines art, research-based knowledge, critical thinking and new technology with the aim of stimulating increased awareness of our living environment, biology and sustainability.

What is BioArt?

As Arena we wish to explore what bioart is and can be. We define bioart as an umbrella term for a broad range of art forms that engage critically with biology, and concepts and relations in flux due to bioscientific research. Bioartists mix artistic and scientific processes, methods, approaches and tools, and artworks are often created in between the field, the studio and the laboratory. 

Through these processes and connections bioart delivers social and political critique, poses questions about the role of science in society, engages societal actors in bioscientific innovation, stimulates dialogue, and challenges our relationship with the living world that surrounds us. 

Why art and science? 

In our time many artists and researchers are working on issues relating to sustainability and environment. The effects of human activity on the processes of our globe are becoming increasingly apparent, and earlier oppositions between nature and culture are seen to be less clear-cut. In the context of environmental and climate change we consider cross-disciplinary and critical thinking in the intersections between bioscience, art and environmental humanities where bioart can be found, as particularly well poised to encourage sustainable cultural and societal development. An expanded interplay in between art and research stimulates both fields.

Common factors can be found in curiosity, creativity, specialised knowledge, critique and dissemination. Through the creation of an arena where these environments can come together for mutual inspiration, exchange of knowledge and mutual critique, new connections and collaborations can arise that benefit both fields. For the audience this constitutes a novel cultural offering. For school pupils it represents a different source of inspiration for future education and involvement in a sustainable society. For the sustainable development goals of our society it can further desirable developments.

NOBA as a national and international arena for bioart

As an artistic node and audience arena for bioart, we wish to stimulate the development of the national and international bioart environment. Situated amid the research communities of Ås, we facilitate interaction and collaboration between artists and scientists focused on bio-related disciplines. 

NOBA has a range of different exhibition venues at its disposal including the university park to host outdoors events and exhibitions.  In the course of 2020 the NOBA biolab will also open to the public.

What’s On


06.09.20- 06.12.20
Exhibition – HAV by Elin T. Sørensen

Workshop Woodwork – Transdisciplinary workshop focused on trees and forests with Anne Cecilie Lie, Hanan Benammar, Simon Daniel Tegnander, Ursula Münster, Mari Mette Tollefsrud, Annike Flo, Nora Vaage. 


13.09.20, 15.00-16.00
Event – Ars Electronica


Symposium- Viral life

Open call for speakers here. Deadline 12.10.20

Event information and registration here

Outreach – “Kunst på Programmet” – BioArt dissemination with Frogn Highschool and artist Hege Tapio