Eat alien species! 

Norwegian BioArt Arena – NOBA and Vitenparken Campus Ås invite you to taste invasive species during a multi-course gourmet event hosted by Vitenparken’s chef Hafsteinn Snæland and bioartist and researcher Roland van Dierendonck.

In collaboration with the ArtSci Salon (Canada) and collaborators in Netherlands and Taiwan, this is the Norwegian node to international dinner series on Invasive Species, Naturalization, Fusion Food, and Biodiversity. 

Here we ask questions such as:

How do species travel across the globe? 

What can we call native growing food? 

What does “invasive” mean anyway? 

The event is part of the series Haffi’s Table, where Vitenparken’s own Haffi creates a series of unforgettable courses, this time around the topic of invasive species. 

Join in participatory performances and learn and discuss invasive and migratory species.


07 October 2021 at 19:00

New date: 20.01.2021

Vitenparken Campus Ås

Høgskoleveien 1, 1434, Ås
Price: 850 NOK per person
Alcohol menu can be purchased at the additional price of 390 NOK at the venue.