This exhibition would be intriguing for both students, researchers and others interested in kelp, underwater sceneries, the ocean, fluid spaces, marine biology, coastal landscapes, film or fabric, offering insights into collaborative efforts between research organizations, fishers, marine user groups and local communities to name a few, aiming to restore the kelp forest off Sussex shores in the UK.

Interweaving Spaces is created with dozens of textile stripes – with 32 different bespoke intricate patterns designed to echo kelp and underwater sceneries using traditional patterns from coastal communities across the globe, many of whom are threatened by global warming and rising seas.

Suspended in the air the installation simulates a kelp forest similar to the ones off Sussex shores in the UK and imagines how it is connected to other kelp forests in regions worldwide. The exhibition includes a sound piece using recordings of a diverse group of people living in Sussex and their experiences of swimming in the sea.

Exhibition opening:

Join us at Vitenparken for the opening for Interweaving Spaces, an exhibition created by award-winning transdisciplinary artist Gil Mualem-Doron Saturday May 25th at 12.00. 

During the opening, guests will have the opportunity to hear a few words from artist Gil Mualem-Doron sharing about the project, how it came about and the importance of kelp restoration. The audience will be able to ask questions to the artist whilst “diving into” the installation, surrounded by the simulation a kelp forest, projections, and sound recordings. 


About the artist

Gil Mualem-Doron is an award-winning transdisciplinary artist, researcher and curator based in Brighton UK, where he has also founded The Socially Engaged Art Salon in Brighton.

His work investigates issues such as identity & place, histories of displacement, embodied experiences of migration, the legacies of colonialism, social practices, and transcultural aesthetics.

His PhD thesis "The Dead Zone & The Architecture of Transgression" incorporates these issues as well as investigates historical and contemporary urban planning concepts from postcolonial perspectives.

His work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, including Tate Modern, the Turner Contemporary, Liverpool Museum, People’s History Museum, Turner Contemporary, Haifa Museum of Art, Ha’aretz Museum.

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Background for the project

 In late 2021, I was commissioned to create a room installation for the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Kelp research project conference. The SKRP research programme has a collaborative effort between research organisations, regulators, filmmakers, fishers, conservation groups, marine user groups and local communities aiming to restore the kelp forest off Sussex shores.

In 2022 at Queering Nature group exhibition at the LGBTQ+ Ledward Centre, the immersive elements of the installation were developed further. The artist has developed a new sound piece by sampling the inspirational speech by Barbados Prime Ministre Mia Mottley at COP26 which was combined with music created with music by Liam Kind, aka kid7 & Taylor-Patel aka 8SZN, Anton Vlaso, Michael Kobrin, Ocean Sounds and sampling sounds from Extinction Rebellion demonstrations.